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Posted on June 22, 2012 by elke

Last week 10 young AMFI designers showed their graduation collections. It took them 6 months filled with blood, sweat and tears to make. The venue was a patio in a care home somewhere in Amsterdam, where the temperature was so high, we just wanted to take off all our clothes. But it wasn’t until the show started that it got really hot..

The music starts and amidst the sea of black clad fashion people the first model walkes out. Dressed head to toe in bright red, she stands out in the crowd, just the way we like it! The collection called ‘it’s just not that red’ by designer Monika Lovas set the tone for what was about to come: 10 completely different and personal visions on fashion.

Next up was Chi Gar Fung. Every look in her collection called ‘all the flaws I’ve stumbled upon’ was an assembly of different parts of pieces of clothing, together forming new ones. Added to that, the soft color palette and patchwork detailing created an interesting look that reminded us of the 1920’s Bauhaus movement and the Dutch designer Michael van der Ham.

The soft colors came back in Lina Beltran’s collection. Her body conscious collection was executed in mint green with a hint of copper. The collection called ‘let me protect you’ was all about showing a woman’s body, yet not revealing too much and making it impossible to touch, just like in a museum.

After enjoying Lina’s body conscious designs we were pulled into a winter-wonderland by Sladjana Pengic. Her fully white collection was far from sweet and fragile. The military elements combined with the soft materials and white colors created a new and strong look, with a long fur coat as the main showpiece.

Bianca Provoost took the female body as the inspiration for her collection, giving the body an ‘extra layer’. Sometimes gently revealing, yet never fully exposing.

In contrary to the previous collections, Nina Wormer’s ‘we know places’ was not body conscious at all. These wearable sculptures deformed the body and together with the loud, pumping music and aggressively walking models this collection gave off a whole different vibe.

Nadine Wagner’sfragile balance’ was obviously inspired by classic American sportswear. When given  a closer look, the luxurious fabrics and macramé handwork made it a much richer collection.

Probably the most conceptual collection of the night comes from Djinn Zijp. Her collection ‘125 BPM’ was inspired by sound frequency’s. Every garment had sculptural forms made out of a stiff, foamy material printed with different metallic details. As unique as the looks where, the models all looked the same: wearing a black wig and nude make up.

Tess van Zalinge’s impressive 12 looks collection was definitely the surprise of the evening. Starting with completely white looks but then suddenly changing to color, added even more surprise to the show. Making undergarments into outerwear turns Tess into a TIGER favorite! Want to know more? Read the article about Tess in our soon to be released TIGER DRAGON SLAYERS from the Underworld Ipad magazine!

Last (but definitely not least) was Yvonne Kwok. Her colorful collection was inspired by ‘marionette dolls’. Well, if dolls are dressed like that we sure want to be one! The amount of hand work and elaborate detailing made this collection into a well deserved show stopper we won’t easily forget.

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